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Wild Connection Backpacking

Wild Connection is a 5-day women’s trip (including female-bodied, female-identified, trans-feminine, non-binary, and queer womyn, etc.) focused on exploring our interdependence with the natural world, recognizing our reciprocal role within a rich ecosystem, and engaging our own wildness. 

It is designed to be accessible to those new to backpacking, recovering from injuries, or returning to the backcountry after a long hiatus. Although the basics of backpacking will be introduced, experienced backpackers will also benefit from ecopsychology, and rewilding practices as we deepen in relationship with the more-than-human world.

The trip leaders have specially designed this course to acknowledge the deep healing and growth that women/womyn can experience in community with each other and Mother Earth. Ancestral ways of knowing, nature-based practices, 5-Element philosophy, and psychotherapeutic principles will guide our time together on the land.

Who: Women, womyn, and non-binary and trans-feminine folks ages 18+ who are feeling called to deepen their relationship to themselves, their ancestry, Mother Earth, and each other.
What: A 5-day backpacking and earthing trip steeped in nature-based healing practices
Where:  The Snowy Range of Wyoming (just 3 hrs from Boulder)
When: July 30-Aug 3 (Saturday morning to Wednesday evening)
Why: Women/womyn/trans-feminine people are often overtly and covertly discouraged from engaging with their wildness, honoring their intuition, and needing to play in the dirt. Wild Connection directly opposes those messages and opens the way to rediscovering our courage, strength, wisdom, and wholeness.