Natural Wisdom Counseling LLC is dedicated to supporting people of all ages (individuals, romantic relationships, families, groups, and organizations) in their path towards leading healthier, more resilient, and integrated lives. By offering counseling, psychoeducational programming, advocacy, coaching, training, and consulting, Natural Wisdom Counseling LLC empowers clients to develop self-esteem, self-worth, and self-efficacy--an embodied understanding of their ecological niche in our world.


As clients have the opportunity to grow and heal, our communities will be healthier, more resilient, and more connected places to live. 


Community Engagement and Collaboration
Continuous Learning and Growth
Social Justice and Anti-Oppression
Client Empowerment


Natural Wisdom Counseling was founded by Jessica Dallman in order to bridge nature, education, holistic health, trauma-informed care, intercultural healing, research, and social justice through counseling, coaching, consulting, and collaboration.

Through their life experiences, Jess developed a knack of observing gaps in how our education system, our legal system, our medical system, and our mental health system impact growth, development, and healing. By founding a private practice, Jess has been able to collaborate with non-profit organizations, schools, and organizations in order to interrupt destructive relational patterns and facilitate the co-creation of new, uplifting choices.